New to blogging

The idea of blogging is not familiar to me nor do I feel comfortable or confident in blogging however I am optimistic enough to appreciate the benefits that it could bring. Therefore I would initially like to start off this page by asking people what they think ‘Mobile Learning’ is?? Is it what we learn through the use of mobile technology, or is it the way we learn?? Could this be a new pedagogical method used in the classroom?? Have you used ‘Mobile Learning’ in your everyday life as well as your educational studies?

I will be attempting to update this blog as often as possible with relevant context that could prove useful to your own research aswell as being valuable to my own.

If you have any interesting information from your own research that you feel would be relevant to this topic then I welcome you to post it.

Hope we can have some interesting discussions on a subject that is becoming more relevant by the day, in personal and professional situations.

Feel free to post links to your own blogs on here!


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